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May 19, 2017

(from http://notheretobreakeven.com/about-us)

From Corporate To Digital Lifestyle

Luca, Founder of NotHere2BreakEven

I have been a “corporate animal” all my life, and I have learned my fair share of lessons about leadership, successful people and influencing others.

My biggest ambition is to help new Leaders develop and be successful.

Fun fact about me? I still believe in Santa Claus!


I am a firm believer that the only way to be truly successful and fulfilled in life is to help others develop so that they can reach what they desire, dream and deserve.

So that they can, in turn, give back and help others succeed!

Luca, Founder of NotHereToBreakEven.com

(Read more about me and NH2BE here -->> http://notheretobreakeven.com/about-us)  


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