007 - The Darker Side Of Online Business

June 1, 2017
In the interests of transparency, I want to share with you the side of online business that nobody ever talks about. The darker side...
Let's be honest, most of the videos you see online paint building an online business as the easiest, most straightforward thing ever, right?
Like you can work for a couple of hours a night for a few months and then you're rolling in so much cash as a result that you can buy holiday homes in 17 different countries around the world...
Yea alright then...
So if it was that easy, why the hell isn't absolutely everyone doing it? 
Well, the truth is that a hell of a lot of people is doing it, but that doesn't mean it's not hard. Like SERIOUSLY hard. 
Yes, there are unbelievable opportunities available to us all in this digital economy, and yes it's easier than it's ever been in the history of all things ever to connect with the entire global market and make an insane amount of money for comparatively little effort compared to 30+ years ago. BUT, you still have to build a business.
And building a business comes with many challenges, but with incredible rewards down the road: financial, personal, lifestyle.
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